Tadian History


The name of the municipality, Tadian, is basically derived from the Ilocano word “Tadi” meaning the spur-like projection that grows at the hind of each foot of a matured cock which it uses as a weapon during combat with another cock. This modern time of “tadi” has come to refer also to a razor sharp piece of 5 inches metal attached to a game cock’s foot for it to use in cock fight. With the affix “an”, Tadian literally means to fix a “tadi” to the cock’s feet.

Creation of Municipality

History has it that in 1903, Tadian was just a barrio with a recorded population of 56. It functioned as a barrio or barangay of Kayan, which was at that time the seat of the municipal government for a long time. On March 29, 1959, Congressman Luis Hora authored a bill which became Republic Act 2101, transferring the site of the “municipio” from Kayan to Tadian. This paves the way to Tadian in becoming a regular municipality on June 25, 1963 under Executive Order (E.O.) No, 42. Kayan became a barangay of Tadian and at present, was divided into two barangays, namely; Kayan East & Kayan west.

Historical Roles of Tadian Municipality


Tadian is the center of high school education of western Mountain Province from the pre- war times up to the present. History tells that the Holy Rosary High School in Kayan is among the first established high school in the province where its first graduates came from the different municipalities of Bontoc namely: Tadian, Bauko, Sabangan, Besao and Sagada. The establishment of Tadian School of Art and Trades, the first trade school established in the province saw the presence of enrollees from the different municipalities.

At present, Tadian still enjoys its role as the center of education of the west, because of the presence of College in the locality, the Engineering Department of Mountain Province State Polytechnic College that offers engineering courses, education and Masteral courses.


Tadian is the gateway to the Ilocos provinces. While it is the education center of the west, it plays also the role as the market place of the people of the nearby towns of the Ilocos Provinces such as the municipality of Cervantes and Quirino municipality of Ilocos Sur. Tadian also is fast rising as banana supplier of the municipality of Bauko and Buguias, Benguet while not declining on its livestock and vegetables supplies.

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