Tadian Geography


The municipality of Tadian is geographically located in the south western part of Mountain Province, on coordinates 16’45” latitudes and 120’5” longitude. It is abouts 38 kms and 127 kms form Bontoc, the capital town and Baguio City respectively. It is bounded on the west by the Province of Ilocos Sur (Cervantes municipality), on the east by the municipality of Bauko, on the south by the Province of Benguet (Mankayan municipality) and on the north by municipality of Besao.

It is accessible to Baguio City by land transport through the Halsema Highway, also known as Mountain Trail that passes through the Province of Benguet. It is also accessible to the lowland region through the historical Bessang Pass that passes through the Province of Ilocos Sur.

There are 19 barangays comprising the municipality that are divided into three zones, namely;

Zone I
– The central part, consist of barangays Poblacion, Kayan East, Kayan West, Bunga, Balaoa and Tue.

Zone II
– Called the “Sulumabado” derived its name from barangays Sumadel, Lubon, and Masla. Other barangays are Duagan, Mabalite, Bantey and Batayan.

Zone III
– Called the “Sunnyside” or Demang in the local vernacular is famous of its Gawaan Lake, which is situated near the foot of Mt. Clitoris or the so-called Mogaw hill. Barangays consisting this zone are Banaao, Pandayan, Cadad-anan, Lenga, Dacudac and Cagubatan, where the famous enchanted eel is found.

The municipal public market of Tadian is located at the Poblacion.


Tadian municipality has an approximately land area of 14.942 hectares or 149.42 square kilometers. This area represents 6.52% and the sixth largest of the entire land area of the province.

Table 3 showed that of the 19 barangays of the municipality, barangay Mabalite has the largest area of 11.30 hectares or 7.56 % of the municipal area, while the smallest is Tue with an area of 469 hectares or 3.14% of the municipal area.

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2 Responses to Tadian Geography

  1. ben says:

    Another suggestion since this is the website of Tadian Municipality, every barangay of Tadian Municipality must have individual profile or link be featuring pictures of the places/views any local or foreign tourist can visit, local products that can be bought, best practices and rituals, and anything that can be seen or experienced in such barangay. This is for anybody to have a clear picture of Tadian as a municipality and its barangays.

  2. bobby centurias says:

    may taga tadian, na namatay dito sa cagayan de oro 2 years ago, hinahanap ko mga pamilya o relatives nya. ang pangalan sa namatay, ay vergie o verge dulay. may mga pamilya daw cya jan sa tadian, sana matulongan nyo me na mapaabot sa kanyang pamilya ang kanyang pag kamatay.

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