Tadian recognizes best performing barangays

TADIAN, Mountain Province – The municipal government here awarded certificates to its barangays that have performed well in various areas of governance.

Masla was awarded as the best performing barangay with Kayan East, Banaao, and Pandayan as first, second, and third runners-up, respectively.

For the special awards, Masla was adjudged as the healthiest barangay along with having the best barangay peace and order committee. The cleanest and greenest barangay award was given to Lubon while Kayan East was hailed as the most child friendly barangay. The award for having the best established barangay office was shared by Kayan East and Masla.

The awarding of certificates to the best performing barangays by mayor Constito Masweng and vice mayor Febe Cawilan, was one of the highlights of the first Ayyoweng di Lambak ed Tadian Festival held last March 5-8.

Conducted for the first time in place of the usual town fiesta and on the occasion of the 50th year of the township of Tadian, the Ayyoweng di Lambak is “a ce-lebration and thanksgiving” showcasing various indigenous traditions, songs, chants, dances, sports, and games of the town.

The main highlights of the four-day festival were a street dancing, cultural presentation of the street dancers depicting indigenous practices such as sapo di baey (house building), sapo di tapey (rice wine making); bewew (guarding palay from birds), a synchronized dancing of the takik by the 19 barangays, and an agro-industrial fair.

The search for the muse was also done differently. Dubbed as “Anap di Bangan di Tadian,” the contestants were tested on their art skills such as in doing the salibi (native dance for the women) and doning the tapis. The question and answer portion also revolved around folktales and history of the municipality.

Adjudged as the Bangan di Tadian is Febe Talidtid, a fourth year high school student of Masla National High School.

Commissioner Domingo Bakilan of the National Commission on Culture and Arts, who was the guest speaker during the first day, congratulated the officials and the people of Tadian for coming up with such a festival even at this time of financial crisis. Culture and tradition of the cultural communities should be kept alive, with Ayyoweng a celebration and thanksgiving as depicted in its theme: “Masikom tako ay men-eyaman ya makigasing isnan sinumyaan di ili ta amed tako bumikas ya sumika.”

Tadian is the latest addition of the municipalities of the Mountain Province that have crafted their home-grown festivals to keep the culture and tradition, unity, and community cooperation alive in the hope of attracting tourists to enhancing socio-economic development.

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  1. ben says:

    I would like to make a suggestion, if it is not too much. To have a complete picture of the Ayyoweng di Lambak, all the events since the first Ayyoweng must be posted including all the activities and some pictures. It is one way of showcasing our town. Matago-tago tako am-in.

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