Tadian Tourism Profile

Tadian is the education center of the west and the gateway to the Ilocos provinces.  It is also the market place of the people of the nearby Ilocos Sur towns of Cervantes and Quirino.

Places to See

  • Cagubatan Lake, in Barangay  Cagubatan, has tame eels.  Their origins in the mountains are unknown.  Although a gourmet’s delicacy, they are considered sacred and it is taboo to eat them.
  • Gawaan Lake is located at the foot of Mt. Clitoris (also called Mogao Hill or Mt. Mogao).
  • Ub-ubanan Pool and Falls, in Brgy. Sumadel, 13 kms. from the Poblacion, is ideal for picnics and bathing.
  • The footprints of Kabunyan and his dog are found in Brgy. Sumadel while his backpack and spear (gayang) can be found in Gayang, Bunga.
  • The Singing Jar, in Brgy. Kayan West, is owned by Mr. Resurreccion Wanget Sr.  The jar “sings” when you rub its mouth.
  • Am-am Observatory Rock, in Sitio Am-am, Brgy. Cadad-anan, has a panoramic view of the town as well as municipalities of Mankayan (Benguet) and Cervantes (Ilocos Sur).

Brief History

  • Tadian was formerly a barrio of Kayan (now a barangay of Tadian)
  • It became the site of the new town proper on March 29, 1959 by virtue of Republic Act No.  2101
  • Tadian became a regular municipality on June 25, 1963 by virtue of Exec. Order No. 42.
  • The town’s name was derived from the Ilocano word tadi, the spur-like projection that grows at the hind of each foot of a matured cock which it uses during cockfights. Tadian literally means “to fix a tadi to the cock’s feet.”
  • Location and Topography

    The town is generally mountainous with general slopes of over 18%.  Its elevation ranges from 440 to 2,113 m. above sea level. The Poblacion has a general elevation of 1,340 m. above sea level.  Tadian has two major rivers that both drain to the Abra River.  The Abit River drains the southeastern portion while the Decapeo River drains the northwest portion.

    General Information

    • Area (sq. kms.): 145.2
    • Population (2000): 18,227
    • No. of Barangays: 19
    • Income Class: Fourth
    • Zip Code: 2620
    • Area Code: 074

    How to Get There

    Distances (Tadian to):

    • Manila: 403 kms.
    • Bontoc: 38 kms. (2-2.5 hrs., vansjeepneys and minibuses)
    • Baguio City (Benguet): 127 kms. (6-7 hrs., A TransCordillera TransitMountain View Liner and Rising Sun buses)
    • Cervantes(Ilocos Sur): (30 mins. to 1 hr.)

    Tadian is also accessible to the lowland region through the historical Bessang Pass that passes through Ilocos Sur.


    • First Friday and Saturday of March – town fiesta
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3 Responses to Tadian Tourism Profile

  1. Tristan Firmalino says:

    Hi. I am Tristan from Manila. Our group would like to visit Baranggay Cagubatan especially the Mt. Clitoris. Can we ask how to get there from Sagada? Or Bontoc? Can we ask also for the schedule of trips and what public transportation we are going to take to visit the baranggay? Thanks you very much.

  2. bing2 says:

    hello.you can have your trips to CABLE TOUR at ST.LUKE,CUBAO bound to BONTOC..then take DEMANG TRANS here in bontoc going to CAGUBATAN, monday-friday 11:00 am.,you already spotted the mt.clitoris there..HAPPY TRIP! see you.

  3. florence D. Accab says:

    More profiles to be posted for tourism…like gawaan lake in kagubatan

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